And it's okay to have questions. Really it is.
You've probably got loads and here I've tried to answer as many as I can to make things a little easier. If you can't find what you're looking for please contact me and let's have a chat. Call me, text me, WhatsApp, email, there's so many ways to get in touch with me, you choose.
Where are you based?
I'm live in the highlands of Scotland, in a small town called Lochaline. It's gorgeous and I love it there, the best of what Scotland has to offer is on my doorstep. 
Where will you travel to?
I'll travel all over Scotland and the rest of the UK and even abroad. Nowhere is too much trouble. I love a local wedding just as much as the ones that are further afield. Every wedding is different no matter where it happens and I'll always do my best to capture the spirit of your location wherever it is. 
What's your style?
Documentary is probably the best one word way of summing my style up. Other similar styles are storytelling, or reportage or photojournalism. There's loads more information on my page here where I go into a lot more detail.
Do you charge for travel?
There's no definite answer to this as it depends on a few things. How far away it is, when it is, what are the logistics that sort of thing. If I do charge it's honestly just the basics; simple accommodation and petrol. Definitely not food, I'd be buying my own food if I was at home so I'd definitely not expect you to pay for mine just because I'm away.
How much do you charge?
All this information is over on my prices page, but my wedding photography starts at £750.
We're nervous about having photographs of us taken, especially on our wedding day.
You're not alone, it's perfectly natural to feel that way. I totally understand what that feels like and I'm here to make your wedding day as enjoyable as possible for you. A pre-wedding shoot is great way for us to get to know each other, and definitely makes the big day a whole lot easier. Also, on your big day I shoot in a really relaxed and chilled way meaning there's very little to think about apart from enjoying yourself.
Is it actually you who will be photographing my wedding?
Absolutely! I shoot every wedding myself, I'm not a big company with staff or hiring in freelance photographers every weekend. I shoot and edit everything myself and I love it. 
How long will you be there for?
Telling the story of your day means all the way from morning preparations through to the first dance and beyond. Some weddings are shorter, around 6 hours, and that's totally cool, but if yours is longer, that's okay as well. Get in touch and let's chat through your plans. 
What happens before my wedding day?
It's the build up to your big day and there's a million and one things you're planning for right? I 
Do you need to see the venue before the wedding day?
This is one of the most popular questions I get asked. The short answer is no, which may seem like a bit of an odd thing but hopefully I can make things a little clearer. Every wedding is different, even when it's in the same venue. Also, you may have heard photographers talking about light, and for good reason, light is very important to us. And the light will most probably be different on the day I visit to the day of your wedding meaning any plans I might make, need to change. The other thing is being in a venue I haven't shot at before is creatively so engaging and so much fun. 
How much is the deposit?
Just 20% off the full price. This secures the wedding day, I won't book another event on your day. This can easily be paid by BACS.
Can we have a discount please?
Sure, use the code ILOVEDAVE at checkout for 1% off the cost of your full wedding. I'm kidding of course, that code doesn't work. Asking for a discount is totally valid, I get it, we're all trying to save as and where we can, I am too so don't feel bad for wanting to ask.
How do we get our images?
The most important part of the whole process I'd say. And I'd really love this experience to be as enjoyable as the wedding day itself. You'll receive a private link to a beautiful online gallery of all the images. This gallery works great on all types of devices, computer, tablet and phone. Feel free to share this with all your friends and family as well. They can log in with their email address. Also, you'll receive all the images in high resolution on USB. Think of these as your digital negative files, keep them safe.
What equipment do you use?
I use Canon DSLR cameras with a range of lenses to capture the day depending on the light and situation and the story I'm trying to tell.
Who owns the copyright?
How many images will I get and will they be edited?
All the images I deliver to you will always be edited by me and in my style. I love the editing process just as much as shooting the wedding so nothing leaves my side unless I'm really happy with it. You'll receive a minimum of 500 images. I'm really passionate about this question, let me try and explain it.
How can we book you?
YEY! Wonderful news. Give me a shout by emailing me, or calling me and we'll get he ball rolling. Just a 20% deposit secures the day and means I won't book another even on your wedding day.
Do you take group shots?
Absolutely! My strong recommendation here is for for you to limit this to a handful. Too many and all the time between your ceremony and reception is standing still and smiling to the camera. Chatting, mingling, laughing with all your friends and family is a much nice way to spend your wedding day trust me.
Are you insured? 
Yes I am, I have professional indemnity, and >>> insurance.
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